Electric Lawn Care is the future of the Lawn and Landscaping sector. Parsons Landscaping is a pioneer in the industry and is one of the only companies in Fort Myers or Naples to offer this cutting edge technoloy.


Reduce Noise

Electric mowers are about 50% quieter vs gas-powered machines. You will be amazed at the difference in the noise level! Since the machines are slightly louder than a conversation, you can continue to enjoy your morning coffee or a few extra hours of sleep without interruption of loud lawnmowers. You will be amazed by our sound of silence. 


Increased Efficiency

Electric systems are an obvious choice to maximize and conserve energy simultaneously. Most gas motors are approximately 10-30% efficient in the energy it can use for productive output. Whereas electric systems are 70-90% efficient in the energy it can use for productive output. Better efficiency equals higher quality and service for our customers.


Improved Quality

With the simple, yet highly effective electric system, the quality of the cut is higher than a traditional gas system because of the reduced friction. Electric systems have fewer moving parts. Its blades are directly driven from the motor itself providing less resistance to the turning of the blades. Traditional systems are pully systems increasing resistance to spinning the blades resulting in a less superior cut.


Environmentally Friendly

Electric driven systems are significantly more efficient than a typical gas machine because all-electric systems reduce emissions, greenhouse gases, oil, and gas use. Typical 2 stroke engines are well known for being one of the worst polluters of the environment. Using just one electric mower is like taking 140 cars off the road per year.

Experience the sound of our silence.

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